Who am I?

Personal Details

Octavian Cioaca - CSSensei
  • Name: Octavian Cioaca a.k.a. CSSensei
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1988
  • Address: Paris, France
  • Email: cssensei@gmail.com

Profesional Profile

Hello! My name is Octavian Cioaca and since 2006 I’m taking immediate advantage, often unethically of css and javascripts files.

Because I’m lazy, I work and adapt to new technologies quickly and effectively. I enjoy using design patterns and OO front-end application architecture to create modularized reusable code, complex user interactions and fascinating user journeys!

I like to develop 60FPS websites and high-quality software via TDD/BDD in iterative/agile software application development and work closely with development team members.


One important side of my workflow is to review products development strategy, establish goals and lead face-to-face brainstorming sessions with A-Level executives on the marketing, technical and design sides of client's business.

Frequently I’m taking ownership of the delivery, timeliness and quality of the module assigned while working on multiple projects at one time. I provide constructive criticism around wire-framing, creative, test setup and customer communication skills.



  • flash/flex conversions to html5 apps
  • massively multiplayer online social games
  • niche social networks
  • netlog & google APIs
  • facebook sdk & twitter APIs
  • crm & erp interfaces
  • enterprise internal websites
  • high frequency trading app development

Developed apps in these domains

  • live support
  • e-commerce
  • custom traffic analytics
  • digital analytics
  • multimedia
  • financial & banking
  • online gaming & betting systems
  • SAAS apps

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2014May - Present

Senior Front-End Engineer
Ifeelgoods, Inc.

Paris, France

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

  • I'm coding a complex B2B SAAS Application using AngularJS

About the company
Ifeelgoods provides a frictionless platform that enables marketers to instantly reward their audiences in a variety of solutions - Commerce, CRM, Social Media, Shopper Marketing, Loyalty and others. Consumers can directly receive rewards from 100+ integrated apps including Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Paypal and Zendesk. Gifts delivered come from Ifeelgoods' 100,000+ rewards catalog with content that ranges from movies, songs, games, apps, newspaper subscriptions, and gift cards. Brands like Walmart, Gap, L'Oreal, McDonald's, Sony Pictures and 150 other clients have used the Ifeelgoods platform to boost customer acquisition and retention.

2014January - 2014April

AngularJS Consultant
Orange (Orange Vallée)

Paris & Châtillon-Montrouge, France

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

  • I've coded and integrated the AngularJS infrastructure of a responsive cloud app for multimedia (videos, photos, audios) storage and management, dedicated exclusively to Orange clients.
  • Develop high-performance, reliable and maintainable code whether implementing architectural improvements, features, or fixing bugs
  • Collaborate with other technical team members to design, implement, quickly troubleshoot and resolve any critical issues
  • Stay in-tune with the latest technologies; proactively identify areas for improvement and propose viable solutions

What technologies have I used?
• html5, css3, facebook js SDK, AngularJs, fileReader API, Jenkins, Protractor, bower, grunt, webRTC
• Project management wiki & issue tracking in: Mingle, Confluence, Jira and Mantis.

About the company
Orange Vallée is a innovation division in Orange. Its main mission is the development and commercialisation of new web services or telecommunications in France and abroad.

2013December - 2014April

AngularJS consultant

Paris, France

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I’ve coded and partially designed first Whojam MVP.

What technologies have I used?

• Web Audio API, webRTC, AngularJS with Rails RESTful API, Web Components, SASS, fileReader API, bower, grunt, git, postman, Facebook JS SDK.
• Project management wiki & issue tracking in: Trello.

About the company

Whojam is the missing link between musicians to connect and play together. We believe that music is meant to be played together and that it sounds better this way. For that reason, we are committed to make it easy and obvious for you to play music with anyone, wherever you live, and whenever you want. Create multitrack videos with talented musicians worldwide directly in your browser

2013June - 2013December

UI Lead Developer
Verseau Paris

Paris, France

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I've coded and integrated user interfaces for some of VerseauParis french clients (Chateau Chenonceau, An Nissa, Coemy Group, Emeraude, Mademoiselle Fashion, Geomass, Foah Swim, SLA Paris, Devialet, Plateforme fenetre, Cake l'atelier).

What technologies have I used?

• html5, css3, facebook SDK, angularJs, requireJs, capistrano, jQuery, rails, inkscape, magento, smarty, doorgets, photoshop, git flow, sass, compass, markdown,silverstripe, svn, webGl, d3, gsap, google maps API, orbit, canvas animation, go lang, lighthttpd, rake, php, wordpress, CI(Jenkins), TDD(mocha, chai, jasmine, should, testacular, phantomjs), postman, interactive prototypes AxurePro, ruby, ruby on rails.
• Project management wiki & issue tracking in: Chili Project, Basecamp and Freckle..

About the company

At Verseau Paris, we create unparalleled digital products for brands. Our creative process begins with examining the client's unique needs, followed by creating a tailored digital package to suit. We apply Renaissance values to innovative technologies to redefine the brand image and extend access to their consumer experiences, their products, and their services.

2012June - 2013May

Senior Front-End Engineer
Nemea Bank

St. Julian's, Malta

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• Design, coding, testing and documenting of new business web interfaces as well enhancements to existing interfaces pertaining to the Bank’s systems
• Implementation and provision of on-going support of systems currently in use and contribution to the development and quality assurance procedures to ensure that systems perform the functions for which they were designed
• Documentation of analysis and design specifications
• Documentation of testing plans
• Documentation of user instruction manuals to support the Bank’s systems
• Prioritize tasks and issues successfully
• Provide help and support to less experienced members of the team

What technologies have I used?

• Tomcat, Apache Maven, Apace ANT, Apache ActiveMQ, JavaServer Pages, svn, git, html5, sass, css3, php, Citrix VDI, Interactive prototypes AxurePro, MySql, javascript(require.js, mocha, chai, testem, jquery, regex, knockout.js)
• Project management, wiki & issue tracking in: Atlassian JIRA.

About the company

Nemea Bank is a modern Pan-European provider of banking and investment services, serving a discerning, international client base of individuals based in the 30 countries of the EU/EEA area. Nemea Bank does not operate a traditional network of physical branches but distributes its services exclusively online providing superior accessibility, efficiency and convenience to its clients. The NIP, Nemea Instant Payment, a free real-time online global money transfer is the spearhead service of the bank.

2012February - 2013April

Lead UI Engineer
3D Issue

Donegal, Ireland

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I've coded and integrated user interfaces and advanced software solutions for: digital magazines, digital e-learning, custom traffic analysis tools and audit software
• Lead development efforts on large scale web-based projects, ensuring robust and lasting solutions are implemented
• Maintain existing CMS and JavaScript libraries: making sure they support the engineering and creative needs of 3dissue.com
• Mentor team members: Educate on software development best practices and new technologies, especially HTML5 & CSS3

What technologies have I used?

• html5, css3, grails, spring, javascript, php, git, REST APIs, xml, curl, facebook open graph, yii, wordpress, composer, maxMind GeoIP, MySql, WorkBench & Heidi Sql.
• Project management wiki & issue tracking in: Atlassian JIRA & tinyPM.

About the company

3D Issue offers you a unique suite of tools to help you get your content in front of your audience, optimised to whatever device they choose to use. Whether you are looking to digitize a PDF into a digital flipbook, create a social hub, convert your documents into eReader friendly formats or create a native company App – 3D Issue has you covered.

2012February - 2012May

Lead UI Engineer
1800 Postcards

Greater New York City Area

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I’ve coded the user interface for www.1800postcards.com

What technologies have I used?

• .net, .aspx, css3, sass, javascript, git, php, html5.
• Project management, wiki & issue tracking in: Atlassian JIRA and Podio CRM.

About the company

1800Postcards.com is the retail branch of Circle Press, a high end commercial printing firm with a roster of clients that includes American Express, Dior and Tiffany & Co. We have more than 30 years of business experience as full service offset printers and over 200 years of combined knowledge in production.

2012February - 2012May

Front-End Engineer
NetPlenish Inc

Santa Barbara, California Area

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I’ve coded the user interface for www.shopgeniusapp.com previously known under www.netplenish.com

What technologies have I used?

• javascript mvc framework, git, css3, sass, html5, php, jQuery, javascript
• Project management & issue tracking in: Pivotal Tracker | Agile Project Management.

About the company

Shop any website smarter with ShopGenius app. The ShopGenius app will tell you if you've found the best price, or if there is a better price out there. www.shopgeniusapp.com

ShopGenius ™ is a free browser extension from the team at NetPlenish Inc., recognized award winning innovators in the field of price comparison shopping. NetPlenish is located inside the Ventura Ventures Technology Center (www.v2tc.com), a high tech business incubator, created by the City of Ventura California.

2012February - 2012May

Lead UI Engineer
XL Team

Bucharest, Romania

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I've converted a e-commerce flash application to a cross device/platform html5 user interface.

What technologies have I used?

• REST APIs, JAVA, JavaServer Pages, javascript, css3, sass, html5.
• Project management & issue tracking in: DTM Tool.

About the company

XL TEAM is a young company with a dynamic team, focused on delivering quality products and services to our clients. We design and develop software, applications and websites for various environments and devices using modern technologies based on Lean and Agile methods. We build for the web and mobile with the user in mind. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Bucharest, Romania.

2011September - 2011December

Senior Front-End Engineer
eRepublik Labs Limited

Bucharest, Romania

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• I've coded and integrated the user interface for as social soccer game called eTifosi (which has not been released publicly). I've also helped coding and maintaining the user interface for of massively multiplayer online social game (eRepublik.com) serving more than 6 mil users in 70 countries.

What technologies have I used?

• REST APIs, php, javascript, css3, sass, html5, symfony php framework, git, jQuery, facebook js sdk.
• Project management & issue tracking in: Jira & Confluence.

About the company

At eRepublik Labs we invent new game worlds. eRepublik Labs mission is to transform the way games are created distributed and player by leveraging the power of communities and the Web. eRepublik Labs first game is www.erepublik.com a massively multiplayer online social strategy game with millions of registered users. eRepublik Labs is an award winning games studio that invents new game worlds. It is also considered by the Telegraph one of the top 100 European start ups.

2009March - 2011September

Lead UI Engineer
Yahoo! Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• Code campaign websites, landing pages, newsletters and custom advertising solutions for over 8.2 million users each month.
• Helped companies lead, innovate and engage consumers in the digital universe.
• Work along with world class leaders such as Vodafone, P&G, Ing, HP, Adobe, Erste Group, Otp Bank
• Build a scalable front-end application in clear and beautiful code
• Deliver a better user experience
• Work closely with the backend team and help making decisions
• Contributing to the continual improvement of our design and development process
• Working with backend engineering, product management and community/customer care to solve problems and fix bugs

What technologies have I used?

• django, python, sass, css3, html5, javascript, git, extjs, php, netlog api, joomla, wordpress, facebook js sdk

About the company

Mediacafe.ro & SuperPunk.ro delivers strategy and sales support as exclusive sales partner for Yahoo! in Romania. Yahoo! is by far the leading Internet destination in Romania, with over 8.2 million users each month. Superpunk is one of the early established full service interactive studios in Bucharest.

2008May - 2009February

Front-End Engineer
Dante International

Bucharest, Romania

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• Create easy to understand, simple yet compelling and visually enticing page designs to help deliver the company objectives and KPI’s for all products, across all platforms - PC, mobile and tablet. You'll be responsible for the visual look and layout of the website's interactive experience, including the interaction and journeys customers follow
• Help execute Product strategy and manage the development, implementation and full lifecycle of projects
• Research and specify new site features and enhancements to existing features
• Monitor, conduct analysis and evaluate the impact of experiments using a combination of web analytics, user analysis, user surveys and internal tools
• Document the details and impact of experiments and new features
• Work closely with senior management and engineering teams during all stages of delivery
• Coding the interface for a promotional betting system for UEFA Euro 2008

What technologies have I used?

• smarty, php, sass, css, html5, javascript, svn, jquery

About the company

Launched in 2001 in Romania, in 2012 in Bulgaria and in 2013 in Hungary, eMAG is one of the pioneers of the Romanian e-commerce market. eMAG is an online shop with IT&C products and solutions, as well as with home appliances, with a permanently extending offer. The company reaches its clients through the online shops www.emag.ro , www.emag.bg and www.emag.hu, as well as through ten showrooms in Romania.

In Romania, in its 12 years of activity, eMAG team has rapidly grown, currently reaching a number of approximately 700 employees. eMAG supports the development of the Romanian and Bulgarian work force, offering highly specialised jobs, in an evolving market.

2007October - 2008May

Front-End Engineer
Net Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• Develop and maintaining e-commerce applications and presentational websites
• Deliver best-in-class front-end code across web and mobile projects
• Ability to work in a volatile environment, and constantly collaborate with the design team to improve and take the projects to the next level
• Work with client services, sales, and the design team, and manage time across multiple projects and tasks in a deadline-driven environment
• Participate in discussions with clients and team members about technical best practices and help teams identify optimal technical solutions.

What technologies have I used?

• CakePhp, Zend Framework, Smarty, PHP, SQL, css, html, javascript

About the company

NetRomania is a full-service agency founded 11 years ago and managing over 1000 small-medium sized business websites.

2006October - 2007May

Front-End Engineer

Bucharest, Romania

Job Description

What were my responsibilities?

• Coding the php custom cms of www.karena.ro.
• Building a leading brand for weeding market and the most loved digital magazine in Romania for future brides.

What technologies have I used?

• PyroCMS, magento, PrestaShop, php 5, mysql, xml, json



201424 June

Sébastien DENIS

Orange Beacon Partnerships

AngularJS Developer - Orange Vallée

"It was a real pleasure to work with Octavian. He was a real driving force on our project. He has been working a lot on his own, understanding our expectations and perspectives. Also he brought us his true expertise on html5. We also appreciated his passion for coding and his enthusiasm."
Sébastien was Octavian's client

201418 March

Fabien Voyer

Vice President at Orange Horizons

AngularJS Developer - Orange Vallée

"Octavian impressed us with his ability to understand the whole project and then focus on the job-to-done. It was great to work with him as a person and he brought to us his expertise on AngularJS and HTML5/CSS/JS development. We appreciated his autonomy and pro activeness."
Fabien was Octavian's client

201410 March

Jean-luc Camors

Developper at Orange Vallée

AngularJS Developer - Orange Vallée

"Octavian a su tout de suite s'intègrer à l'équipe et faire un travail de qualité sans perdre de temps."
Jean-luc worked directly with Octavian at Orange Vallée

20146 March

Olivier Farlotti

Developper at Orange Vallée

AngularJS Developer - Orange Vallée

"Octavian est un collaborateur enthousiaste et efficace, très ouvert aux remarques et s'adaptant à son environnement. Je retravaillerai avec lui avec plaisir."
Olivier worked directly with Octavian at Orange Vallée

201419 January


Lead Developer iOS chez OuiCar

UI Lead Developer - Verseau Paris

"I worked with Octavian during 5 months. Octavian is a hard worker, a very professional and efficient employee.
If you can work with him, don't hesitate !"
Damien worked directly with Octavian at Verseau Paris

201413 January

Chi-Ting Leung

Ruby on Rails DevOps

UI Lead Developer - Verseau Paris

"I enjoyed to work with Octavian because we motivated each other to excel in our respective fields, and were complementary : frontend and backend web development. His frontend skills are really good and moreover, he adapt to new technologies very well. I highly recommand Octavian to work with, if you want a real frontend developer in your team."
Chi-Ting worked directly with Octavian at Verseau Paris

201411 January

Juan Manuel Molina Bedmar

Web & Graphic Designer at PrestaShop

UI Lead Developer - Verseau Paris

"Octavian always succeeded to create all the interfaces and interactions we planned at Verseau Paris with an incredible efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, he always provided interesting suggestions thanks to he's wide knowledge of last technologies. I absolutely recommend Octavian if you want someone smart and fast in your team."
Juan Manuel worked directly with Octavian at Verseau Paris

201324 May

Emmanuel Caruana

Senior Java Developer

Senior Front-End Engineer - Nemea Bank

"I worked with Octavian for about 12 months. Together we have built Nemea Bank Website, Nemea (Current and Fixed Term Deposit Account) Registration which went live. We also developed a BETA Version of the Nemea Bank WEB Bank with the Nemea Instant Payment. All of the mentioned projects were built from scratch. Octavian was involved as a FE Developer while I was responsible of the Backend architecture, development and Database design and development."

"Octavian’s FrontEnd technology skills are excellent. He also has experience in cross browser compatibility and IPhone / Android development. I highly recommend Octavian if you wish to build a cutting edge web application."
Emmanuel worked directly with Octavian at Nemea Bank

201224 March

Paul Mc Nulty

Founder 3D Issue

Lead UI Engineer - 3D Issue

"I had the good fortune to work with Octavian in the first half of 2012 to develop a complex front end for our dynamic content builder application. He is a fantastic programmer who has a real passion for technology. He work is always exemplary and delivered on time."
Paul was Octavian's client

201221 March

Alan Ryan

Senior Applications Engineer

Lead UI Engineer - 3D Issue

"I first heard of Octavian by referral from a trusted colleague."

"Ordinarily, being Irish based, I would have preferred using the services of a UI developer closer to home them - I'm glad that we took the risk, a former employer had confirmed Octavian's technical skills, determination and dedication. "

"Having spoken with Octavian for over an hour, I immediately knew that I had found talent. Octavian is eager to learn, willing to adapt, not intimated by technology and at the same time extremely easy to work with - his ability to work independently is a tribute to him. "

"Octavian clearly knew his stuff. He could show me endless examples of features that he had incorporated into websites already live. His ideas were totally up to date, resulting in the finished work being above the standard I have to come to expect from contract UI developers here in Ireland. "

"I have dealt with IT personnel over the years who were devoid of personalities. Octavian is not one of those. He is easy to work with. Nothing is too much trouble for him and we will be retaining the his services for as long as possible into the future. "

"Without any reservation, I recommend Octavian"
Alan was Octavian's client

20121 June

Ivan O'Grady

MA 'Design in Digital Media' DIT

Freelance Front-End Engineer

"I have worked with Octavian on a couple of projects and I have genuinely found him to be knowledgeable, reliable & eager to solve problems (imho this is vital trait in a developer). With my experience to date working with Octavian I would have no problem recommending him."
Ivan was Octavian's client

201414 January

Andrei Mihai

UX Architect at Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Lead UI Engineer - Yahoo! Romania

"One of the best front-end developers I have worked with. Passionate about technology, always up-to-date with Internet trends, also a person you can have a lot of fun with."
Andrei worked directly with Octavian at Yahoo! Romania

201322 January

Mircea Marmureanu

Senior Project Manager at RoAgency

Front-End Engineer - Dante International

"One of the best front-end developers I have worked with. Passionate about technology, always up-to-date with Internet trends, also a person you can have a lot of fun with."
Mircea worked directly with Octavian at Dante International

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge

Software & tech stack

Photoshop 86%
Git 73%
Javascript Data Visualization 79%
webRTC 66%
AngularJS 90%

Certifications & Recognitions

  • Codility Golden Certificate Omega 2013

  • Shortlisted @ Cannes Lions 2010

  • Gold @ Sabre European Awards 2010

  • Online project of the year @ Business Review Awards 2010

  • JavaScript Developer Certificate (w3schools.com) 2012

  • IPRA Golden Trophy 2009

  • HTML Developer Certificate (w3schools.com) 2008

  • First Prize - National Antidrog Contest - Section "Web Page" 2007

Language Skills



  • Familiarity with design patterns and OOP
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Test Driven Development
  • DOM and it's native APIs
  • Npm, Grunt & Gulp
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Continuous Integration experience
  • Custom CMS
  • Teach & mentor less experienced devs
  • SEO and accessibility concerns
  • Accessibility specifications (WCAG, WAI-ARIA)


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